Health Insurance Network facilitate all stakeholders to digitize all their communication and processes for better customer care by improving efficiency and effectiveness.


HIN is an online platform for all health insurance stakeholders’ (including payers, providers and purchasers)
connectivity and communication.

Health insurance is a very sensitive and personal nature business domain where patient and process handling need to be both efficient and effective for sustainability and growth. The manual communication and processing are neither cost effective and nor efficient to provide the expected level of customer servicing to patients and other stakeholders. HIN is a real solution for all the above problems.


Health Insurance Network offers end-to-end solution i.e. from patient identification at admission till discharge, from treatment approvals till final patient bills, from electronic claims submission till claims settlements; and last but not least providing invaluable analytics for effective monitoring and evaluation by all stakeholders.

Following are the key services offered by the HIN
Insured Patient Identification (Insurance Cards are NO MORE REQUIRED)
Patient Eligibility and Pre-Approvals (Manual/Slow Communications – NO MORE)
Electronic Claims (Manual Claims Processing is OUTDATED)
Electronic Medical Record (No Paper Record Required)
Data Analytics
Users Training and Manuals


Health Insurance Network offers a full spectrum of benefits to all its users including but not limited to

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Cost Effective
  • Cardless
  • Family Convenience
  • Electronic Claims
  • Real-time Approvals
  • Ananlytics
  • Fraud Control

Real-time | Data Retrieval | Analytics for Action | Monitoring tool | Integration compatibility


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